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KODAK  D-76 1L  (Révélateur en poudre)
  • KODAK  D-76 1L  (Révélateur en poudre)

KODAK D-76 1L (Powder developer)

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black and white film


Powder developer for 1L of solution

Kodak D-76 is a powder developer for black and white film, and is an excellent product for general usage.

Kodak D-76 offers a good compromise between sharp contours, optimal grayscale rendering, fine grain, and high sensitivity to light. 

Although famed for being used with Kodak Tri-X film, Kodak D-76 is also suitable for general usage, and an excellent solution for developing all sorts of other classic films.

Kodak D-76 can be highly diluted which also improves grayscale.


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KODAK D-76 1L (Powder developer)

Black and white developing chemical

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