Whether you drop them off in our stores, or send them by post, we develop all your films (films, sheet film, disposable cameras) by hand or in our dedicated machines. Find out more about the different processes available to develop your negatives...

Développement en machine des pellicules argentiques

Our film processing machines

Our Noritsu QSF-V50 film processor is one of the most reliable and high quality machines there is.

Our ILFORD FP40 machine allows us to process a large quantity of Black & White films at a fast rate and for a lower cost than with manual development.

These film processing machines allow us to deal with 135, 120, 110, 126, 127, 220 and APS format films.
You can expect a 48h service (although this does vary according to peak times).
Our machine processing costs 6€ per roll (except if you're purchasing one of our special bundles).

Traitement des films

Standard C41

Available for all color negative C-41 film.

Please note: for any film that needs to be pushed, you will need to order a manual development so that we can develop it by hand. If this is the case and you're ordering online, select the "Standard E6" option, and in the "Comments" box, please indicate by how many stops you pushed your film.

Traitement des films

Standard B&W or pushed B&W

Available for all B&W film, whether it has been shot normally or pushed.

Please note: reversible B&W films need to be developed manually in order to obtain a positive film.

Traitement des films

Cross-processed E6

Available for any E6 film that you would like cross-processed in C-41 chemicals for a "negative" result: expect high-contrasted tones and saturated colors (results vary according to the film used).

Développement manuel des pellicules argentiques

Our manual developments

We process film by hand in our dedicated Jobo developing tanks. Manual developments are available for 135, 120, and 220 format film, as well as for processing 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film. Developing film by hand gives you the possibility to choose a particular developing bath chemical (amongst those we offer) for developing B&W films, and allows us to handle any specific requests or preferences you may have.

Our manual developments cost 12 € per roll (except if you have purchased one of our bundles).

Cuve de développement manuel

Traitement des films

Standard, pushed, or cross-processed C41

Available for all C-41 standard film that has been shot normally, pushed, or for a C-41 film that you would like processed in E6 chemicals to produce slides: this produces images with beautiful blue tints and various color effects according to the film used.

Traitement des films

Standard, pushed or crossed-processed B&W

Available for any B&W film that has been shot normally, pushed, and for B&W reversal films such as Adox Scala — or for any B&W film developments for which you would like to chose the processing bath chemical of your preference (amongst those available in our lab).

Standard or pushed E6

Available for any standard of pushed E6 film.

Caring for our machines, and our waste and environmental protection values

At Nation Photo, we put great effort into monitoring and caring for our machines, as well as constantly refreshing our chemicals, so as to continue guaranteeing the highest quality processing for your films.

Our machines are regularly cleaned and our filters are changed weekly. On a daily basis, we monitor and refresh all our chemicals, to avoid any problems due to "expired" chemicals or dirty development tanks.

Finally, respecting the environment is an issue close to our heart, thus we do not dispose of any of our waste in the local sewers. All our chemicals are collected and recycled by Remondis, a company specialised in recovering, decontaminating and disposing of photochemicals. Our laboratory is actually regularly checked by Paris town hall's water authority team.

chimies collectées et recyclées

Développement manuel