FUJI VELVIA 50 135-36
  • FUJI VELVIA 50 135-36
  • © Mikah Manansala
  • © Ophélie Lerat

FUJI VELVIA 50 135 36

50 ISO color reversal 135 film 36 exposures

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Data sheet

24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
E-6 color reversal
50 iso
Nombre de vues
36 exp


Thanks to the extraordinary colors and brightness that it produces, Velvia 50 has long developed a faithful following from professional photographers all round the world. In the face of increasing demand and its soaring popularity, we are delighted to announce the film's rebirth thanks to a brand new emulsion, and the latest technological advances in the field.

Velvia 50's greatest strength lies in its ability to reproduce colors bursting with life. Its high saturation allows for rich tones which record more hues than the naked eye is capable of seeing, for absolutely captivating results. Velvia 50 takes colored scenes to the next level.

Velvia 50 is also perfect for studio shooting. Whether it's for every day photography, fashion, professional work or high precision photography (such as when shooting jewelery), the colors, contrasts, and sharpness of this film are unrivalled.

The new Velvia 50 film has been conceived with the latest technology in image precision and saturation, allowing for razor sharp images and an extremely dynamic color range. Velvia 50's extremely fine grain is very appreciable in deep shadowy areas, as well as in brighter light.

Velvia is dedicated to bringing you all the richness and brightness of the color spectrum: from deep blue skies and oceans to emerald green forests, and the myriad of tones in flowers and nature. What's more, this film is ideal for night photography, and gorgeous sunsets.

These films expired on the 11/2016 but have been kept in excellent conditions.

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FUJI VELVIA 50 135 36

50 ISO color reversal 135 film 36 exposures

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