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FILM "D" SPUTNIK 500 135 36

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Data sheet

24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
black and white or E-6 reversible (of the same type as Scala)
500 iso
Nombre de vues
36 exp


"D" is a black and white panchromatic* film with strong grain, which was originally developed for aerial surveillance purposes. Its polyester base is thiner than that of a traditional film, yet it is still compatible with all common development processes.

"D" equally gives great results when processed as a reversal film, and is considered an exciting alternative to the Agfa Scala film. It can be exposed from 500 to 2000 ISO.

The film is made by hand and loaded into recycled canisters, thus it has no DX code.

*When talking about a photographic film or the emulsion that it is coated in, the term panchromatic is used to designate a film that does not discriminate colors. In other words, its sensitivity to light and rays is similar to that of the human eye, so it reproduces all colors visible in the spectrum.

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FILM "D" SPUTNIK 500 135 36

500 ISO black and white panchromatic film

36 exposures

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