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4X5 sheet film
Type de développement
E-6 reversal
100 iso
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20 sheets


You asked for it, FUJIFILM made it. Velvia 100 now exists as 4x5 sheet film !

Velvia 100 film is a color reversal film, developed in response to a high demand from consumers for a 100 ISO film offering colors as rich and intense as Velvia 50. The film's increased sensitivity allows for easier use in a wider array of lighting situations.

Thanks to the inclusion of new shades of cyan, magenta and yellow, Velvia 100 is the most saturated of all 100 ISO films.

Furthermore, Velvia 100 has been developed using MCCL technology for an even more realistic color rendering. This is especially noticeable in the intricately different tones of purple and green that the film reproduces.

Velvia 100 is rated at 8 on the RMS granularity scale, making it a very high quality film for its price range, offering extremely fine grain.

It can be used in a wide range of daylight shooting situations, from nature scenes and landscapes to commercial photography. 

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100 ISO sheet film

4X5 inch 20 sheets

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