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FILM "S" 50 135 36

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Data sheet

24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
black and white
50 iso
Nombre de vues
36 exp


"S" is a sound recording film: it is slightly orthochromatic* (up to 620 nm), and was originally used in cinema to record soundtracks photographically.

In order to record sound, this film possesses extremely high definition, rendered possible thanks to an anti-halo layer specially added between the film base and the emulsion - instead of on the back, as is the case with traditional films.

This film is handmade and loaded into recycled 135mm film canisters, thus it does not have a DX code.

*La photographie orthochromatique utilise une émulsion photographique qui est sensible uniquement à la lumière bleue ou verte, et peut donc être développée sous une lampe inactinique rouge. La sensibilité importante dans le bleu rend les objets bleus plus clairs et les rouges plus foncés.

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FILM "S" 50 135 36

Black & white slightly orthochromatic film

50 ISO 135 36 exposures

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