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24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
C-41 color
400 iso
Nombre de vues
36 exp


The Fuji PRO400H is a 400 ISO film which is ideal for daylight shooting, offering great exposure latitude, faithful color restitution, and good results when under or over exposing.

It is particularly well adapted for marriages, professional shoots and fashion. The film reproduces skin tones beautifully, and promises good grading for dark and lighter zones.

It gives subjects and scenes a realistic, almost tridimensional finishing, thanks to its perfect rendition of lighter colors but also more saturated zones and shadowy areas. Colors are perfectly reproduced in many different lighting conditions.

Furthermore, this film has a been designed to reproduce the same aesthetic as the whole PRO range, for a uniform and balanced look when switching between films, and when printing and enlarging. Finally, this film has been given a fourth coating to reproduce colors faithfully even under fluorescent, neon, or tungsten lighting.

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FUJI PRO400H 135 36

400 ISO color negative 135 film 36 exposures

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