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FUJI PRO 160NS 120 X 1

160 ISO color negative 120 film

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Data sheet

Type de développement
C-41 color
160 iso


This film gives remarkable precision to your images, and promises an extremely faithful rendering of skin tones; from shooting towards the brightest light, to the darkest shadows.

Its neutrality remains constant and precise even in varying exposure conditions.

There is no other color negative film on the market which offers a comparable performance. The sharpness of the film is truly superior. The old NPS 160 film had an RMS rating of 4.

FUJI PRO160NS reacts extremely well to digitilization and scanning with Minilab Frontier and other modern equipment, thanks to the excellent stability of tones it produces through a wide range of exposure conditions (from -1 to +3), combined with the beautiful fineness of the film’s grain.

The color balance remains regular and stable in all conditions: including daylight, flash photography, tungsten lighting, fluorescent lighting, and many other mixed lighting sources.

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FUJI PRO 160NS 120 X 1

160 ISO color negative 120 film

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