• KODAK PORTRA 800 135
  • © Jules Gorce
  • © Jules Gorce

KODAK PORTRA 800 135 36

800 ISO color negative 135 film 36 exposures

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Data sheet

New product
24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
C-41 color
800 ISO
Nombre de vues
36 exp


An excellent exposure latitude allows underexposure options for shooting in difficult conditions.

The KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 800 offers all the advantages of a high sensitivity film as well as a finer grain, increased sharpness, more natural skin tones and a more faithful color rendering. PORTRA 800 is the film in its category which offers the best exposure latitude in terms of underexposure: you can push it to 1600 when you need improved sensitivity. It is perfect for long lenses, moving subjects and low light conditions, and for shooting detailed shots in darker situations without using the flash. It's ideal for exceptional results even in difficult situations.

- Improved colors and natural skin tones even in difficult lighting conditions.

- The best exposure latitude for underexposure in the 800 ISO film category.

- The sharpest of all 800 ISO films on the market.

- Ideal for telephoto lenses and low light shooting.

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Très bon film

Comme la Portra 400, la 800 aura un grain super fin et des couleurs pastels assez intéressantes.
Très bon film cependant, je trouve que la balance des blancs est un peu trop chaude sur certains cas...

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KODAK PORTRA 800 135 36

800 ISO color negative 135 film 36 exposures

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