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FILM "Z" 400 135 24

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24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
black and white
400 iso
Nombre de vues
24 exp


"Z" is a panchromatic* near infrared black and white film (up to 750nm). Initially used for aerial photography and mapping, it is ideal for landscape photography: it separates green tones, offers high contrast, and is highly sensitive to reds, which is ideal for poor lighting conditions.

The film emulsion is coated onto a polyester base and it must be loaded and unloaded in low light to avoid light-leaks. Once the film is loaded and the camera back closed, it's preferable to advance 3 frames, to avoid light-leaks on your first images.

This film is handmade and loaded into recycled 135mm film canisters, thus it does not have a DX code, so please make sure you adjust your ISO setting manually.

*When talking about a photographic film or the emulsion that it is coated in, the term panchromatic is used to designate a film that does not discriminate colors. In other words, its sensitivity to light and rays is similar to that of the human eye, so it reproduces all colors visible in the spectrum.

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FILM "Z" 400 135 24

Near infrared black and white 400 ISO 135 film

24 exposures

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