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  • © Mikah Manansala

FILM WASHI "W" 25 120

120 film made from a traditional Japanese paper called Washi. 

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"W" is a black and white traditional orthochromatic film, which has been crafted by hand and meticulously coated onto a traditional Japanese paper called Washi.

The paper has been manufactured for centuries in Japan. Used as a photographic film, it offers many technical advantages, and produces an exceptional aesthetic, thanks to the paper's delicate intertwined fibres. Flexible, solid and transparent, Washi is the ideal material for crafting a film with a special character.

Washi film has a sensitivity of 25 ISO when developed in Tetenal Eukobrom diluted at 1+1. These developer baths can be kept and reused several times, just as when developing a traditional film.

This is an orthochromatic film: it is particularly sensitive to blue, but less sensitive to green and insensitive to red. It can be handled under a safelight (>545nm), and can be developed in a regular film developer for paper (such as Ilford PQ Universal or Tetenal Eukobrom). Due to its consistency, and to preserve the negative images in the best quality possible, Washi film must be thoroughly rinsed in cold water after development.  

Each film is sold with a data sheet which explains the exposure and development procedures. The negatives can be printed as contact prints, or blown up through an enlarger, and they can also be digitalized with an appropriate scanner. Only traditional printing or a transparency scan will reveal the true potential of Washi film, as a flatbed scanner results in overexposed images with a quilted pattern.




de toute beauté

Un produit qui demande pas mal d'expérimentations aussi bien à la prise de vue qu'au développement et au tirage mais qui une fois maitrisé donne des résultats hors normes avec une réelle originalité

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FILM WASHI "W" 25 120

120 film made from a traditional Japanese paper called Washi. 

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