Available in our stores, and online or by mail-order, our scanning service tends to all your high-res digitilization needs — whether scanning straight from your film, or rescanning individual frames for archival purposes of for large format digital prints — thanks to our high performance scanners.

High resolution digitilizations

To archive your photos digitally in the highest resolution, or to reprint them on paper in large formats.

Negatives and sheet film (up to 8x10" in size)

Digitalizing negatives can be a lot more interesting than having prints in terms of conserving the details of an image, and considering digital retouching possibilities (find out why on our blog).

Prints on paper

Obtaining a large digital file of an image to keep it safe, and to make large format prints.

Instant photos

Gives you high quality digital copies of you Polaroid, FujiFilm, and Instax photos — and allows you to then make prints of them in larger sizes.

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Quality standards made-to-measure to suit your needs

HD, Super HD, Ultra HD, raw or retouched files — it's up to you !

une qualité de résolution optimale suivant le format de votre film et le support final

Raw Scans

Automatic removal of 50% of dust, and basic chromatic alterations.

Retouched Scans

100 % of dust removed by hand on Photoshop, chromatic alterations to match a visual reference.

HD, Super HD, Ultra HD

Choose the best resolution adapted to your film's format and the intended use of the final image.

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Our ultra powerful scanners

We use Kodak HR500, Durst Sigma Plus, Noritsu HS1800 and Kodak IQsmart3 scanners.

As the years have gone by, we have acquired a collection of very high quality scanners in response to an increasing demand and the growing quality requirements of our customers.

Thus, our Kodak HR500 allows us to deal with a high volume of scans on a daily basis, and to guarantee extremely short turnover times. We also have a Durst Sigma Plus scanner which allows us to take scanning even further, and offer scans of incomparable quality for prints up to 4x5" in size.

Next, we have two Noritsu HS1800 scanners which allow us to produce 16bit scans for the most demanding usages. This scanner also allows us to digitalise formats such as panorama shots taken with Xpan or Horizon cameras, in definitions going up to 12297x4492 pixels !

For digitalizing prints and Polaroids, we use a Kodak IQsmart3, the highest quality pre-press scanner ever made with a glass anti-newton tray to guarantee impeccable results. We also use an oil fuelled tray to scan sheet films of up to 8x10" in format, in a definition of up to 10 000 dpi !

And that is how Nation Photo is equipped to take on all your scanning needs for all film formats  ranging up to 8x10" !

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service graphique pour toutes vos numérisations : négatifs, polaroïds, tirages argentiques, vieilles photos
For any information, advice or a quote, please contact Corentin at +33 1 81 70 53 74 or email our scanning service.
Since he joined our team at Châtelet, Corentin has specialized himself in scanning and digitilization. He is now in charge of our scanning service on a full time basis.

Scanning negatives : exceptional sharpness !

Scanning a negative does not change it into a digital photograph.

A negative contains infinitely more information and higher definition than anything that a digital camera's sensor can deliver — and that's not about to change any day soon.

Find out why on our blog
Scanner Kodak hr500l

The Kodak hr500

An iconic, ultra powerful and ultra fast scanner.

Let us guide you to best suit your needs

According to what you wish to do with your scans (prints, archiving, display them on screens...), we will advise you as to which format is best for your file. Our scanners will always give you a quality and level of detail infinitely superior to anything you will achieve from mainstream consumer scanners — regardless of the resolution, size or weight of the final files.

Contact Corentin at +33 1 81 70 53 74 or by email to our scanning service.

The HR500+ & HR Universal scanners

A technological gem, developed by the same Kodak engineers who built scanners for NASA.

Nation Photo is one of the only laboratories in France to own several HR500+ models.

The HR500+ and its little brother the HR Universal are built to scan your negatives with exceptional speed and quality. Here’s what they offer :

  • High quality scans in just ten seconds.
  • Light grading before each scan, to render your negative the most accurately and faithfully possible.
  • Digital Ice anti-dust technology.
  • One of the lowest signal-to-noise ratios in the industry, allowing us to truly make the most of all the intricate nuances on each negative — even in cases of underexposure.
  • Three sensors (red, green, and blue) capable of sampling 6000 pixels over 16 bit without any interpolation (produces files from 30 to 100Mo in size).
  • The larger size of the HR Universal compared to the HR500+ allows us to scan larger formats, going up to 4X5 sheet film.

Make the most of all the capacities of our HR500+ scanner, to handle your negatives at competitive and discounted rates.

Standard Quality : Raw scans with basic dust removal and chromatic adjustments.

Superior Quality : Cropped and straightened files, with chromatic adjustments to match a visual reference you provide, and converted into the format of your choice.

The Sigma Plus

Exceptional sharpness to render even the finest details

This scanner works on the same principle as the HR500: it samples 10500 pixels in RGB onto 16 bit.

It was conceived to digitalize professional films for very large format prints using Durst Lambda printers — the only laser printers ever made capable of printing on photo sensitive paper in formats up to 127 cm large, without any real length limitations.

The scanner thus provides you with files defined to those standards and capable of being printed in those sizes — we'll just let you think about that...

It produces TIFF files in 16 bit resolution weighing up to 300 Mo for a negative or positive 4x5" format sheet film image.

Sigma Plus

The Noritsu HS1800

A machine built for maximal productivity

This very high quality scanner has become the standard machine used throughout the photography industry: it’s very fast and produces very heavy files for nearly all common film formats. It has earned a reputation for itself for its ability to transcribe the most minute details and low light nuances, and produces soft and natural skin tones.

It is capable of delivering resolutions ranging up to 4700dpi. It produces 16 bit TIFF files for the most demanding needs.

Noritsu HS1800

The Kodak IQsmart3

An ultra performant sensor allowing us to enlarge images up to 3300% in size without losing details.

The only flatbed scanner for A3 formats ever to be made. It possesses an RGB sensor of 10200 pixels sampled over 16 bit.

Its anti-newton glass tray allows us to scan Polaroids and other instant pictures perfectly — and deliver files which will allow you to make very large size prints where the image remains identical to the original.

We also have an oil fuelled tray allowing us to scan your negatives of up to 8x10" in format in a definition ranging up to 10 000dpi, producing 16 bit TIFF files. And if you ever need files for ginormous prints, for which megabytes will no long suffice... go ahead and ask us for gigaoctets :)