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KODAK TMAX 400 135 36
  • KODAK TMAX 400 135 36
  • Corentin Contal
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Data sheet

24 mm X 36 mm
Type de développement
black and white
400 iso
Nombre de vues
36 exp


Kodak Professional T-Max 400 is a black and white panchromatic film*, for shooting in low-light situations or for fast-moving action. It maximises flash range, depth of field, and allows for faster shutter speeds. For its sensitivity, it is a very high quality film.

It is equally an excellent choice for scientific and biomedical work, in particular for fluorescence photography. It is a very sensitive film (EI 400) with a sharp rendering, extremely fine grain, high resolution, and allows for large scale enlargements.

It can be exposed at its recommended rating of EI 800, or pushed to EI 1600 for excellent results in many different situations.

*When talking about a photographic film or the emulsion that it is coated in, the term panchromatic is used to designate a film that does not discriminate colors. In other words, its sensitivity to light and rays is similar to that of the human eye, so it reproduces all colors visible in the spectrum.

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KODAK TMAX 400 135 36

400 ISO black and white 135 film 36 exposures

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